How To Curve The Golf Ball While Putting

When you watch the professionals play golf on television, you may wonder how to curve the golf ball while putting just as they do. Getting the golf ball to move where you want it to on the green takes practice and patience. Once you understand how to curve the golf ball while putting, you should be able to start shaving strokes off your score.

  1. Learn to read the green. Reading the green means taking a look at how the bumps and hills on the green will affect the path of the ball. If you have a hill to the right of the hole, then putting the ball along that hill will cause the ball to curve from right to left. Understanding how to curve the golf ball while putting means knowing how the hills on the green will affect the ball's path to the hole.
  2. Judge the speed correctly. Part of curving the golf ball while putting has to do with being able to judge the speed of the ball after you have hit it. A downhill slope will cause the ball to go faster, and an uphill slope will slow the ball down. The slower the ball is going, the more it will curve along the hills of the green. Being able to judge just how hard to hit the ball to get it to curve along the hills of the green the way you want to will improve your chances of putting the ball in the hole on the first try.
  3. Look for imperfections on the green. Another thing that affects the curve of the golf ball while putting is imperfections in the green. If you are putting the ball along a hill that slopes from right to left, then the ball should curve right to left. But if the ball hits an unrepaired ball mark on the green, then it will not curve as you want it to. Prior to putting the ball, try to repair as many of the imperfections on the green as you can.
  4. Practice before you start your round. The practice green at your golf course contains plenty of hills that will allow you to learn how to curve the golf ball while putting. Experiment with different size hills and how hitting the ball at different speeds affects how the ball curves. It takes time to develop the skill of properly curving the ball when you putt, but it can be a tool that will help you lower your score.



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