How To Customize A Drag Racing Car

Need to know how to customize a drag racing car? Drag racing is commonly confused with street racing–street racing is illegal while drag racing is not. Drag racing is where two cars that have been extremely modified are put to a race. The cars launch at speeds of higher than 200 miles per hour. Whoever's car is still intact or whoever finishes the race first wins! In this article some guidelines will be provided on how to customize a drag racing car!

Make sure that you have the following:

  • Tool kit (wrenches, screws, nails, hammers, etc.)
  • Paint (if you plan on re-painting your car)
  • Wings (if you plan to add a spoiler or wing to your car)
  • Under-the-hood items (engine, if you want to replace the engine, etc.)
  1. Make under-the-hood changes. When customizing a drag racing car, you'd want to make some under-the-hood changes primarily. Make some changes that will greatly improve your drag racing car's power while keeping the drag racing car stable. You wouldn't want to make such radical changes that the car could explode or lift up off the ground.
  2. Monitor the weight. First of all, a drag racing car is always all about weight. The car that is the most powerful with a good power to weight ratio will win unless it gets into a crash or an accident. Always monitor the weight because you don't want to add so much power to the car that it will go airborne. Make sure that there is enough weight to keep the car on the ground. However, make sure that there isn't so much weight that it won't perform as well as it would in the first place.
  3. Change the exterior. In this step you can have some fun! You can add a new paint finish to your drag racing car and some wings or a spoiler. The possibilities are endless! Adding a spoiler or a wing will make your car more stable and will decrease lift. This also helps with staying safe and being fast at the same time. Just make sure you monitor the weight if you're going to add a wing or spoiler.

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