How To Customize iPhone 3g

Learning how to customize iPhone 3g is a simple task and can have impressive results. Knowing how to customize iPhone 3g is simply knowing where to look and how to change the settings on your iPhone 3g. Learning how to customize iPhone 3g can also mean downloading third-party applications if you desire a higher level of customization. IPhone 3g customization options such as changing the wallpaper and changing sounds can be done by default, but more advanced options, such as themes, will require third-party software.

You will need: 

  • iPhone 3g
  • Cydia
  1. Customize wallpaper. Tap the "Settings" icon on the home screen of your iPhone 3g. Tap "General" to open the general settings. Choose "Wallpaper" and then select a new wallpaper by tapping it and choosing "Set."
  2. Customize sounds. Open the "General" tap as you did in step one. Select "Sounds" and choose the type of sound you wish to customize. Turn off any sound effects you do not want such as new mail or text message alerts. Customize the ringtone by selecting one from the list of available defaults. Download new ringtones for your iPhone 3g using iTunes and a computer.
  3. Change international options. Customize your iPhone 3g by optionally changing the international options. Open "Settings" from the home screen of your iPhone 3g. Choose "General" and then "International." Choose "Language" to change the language or the iPhone 3g, choose "Keyboards" to add another keyboard, and choose "Region Format" to change number and time formats.
  4. Customizing advanced options. Customizing more advanced options on your iPhone 3g and using themes will require a jailbroken iPhone. Open the "Cydia" application from your home screen. Choose "Search" and type "Winterboard." Download and install Winterboard and then search for themes in Cydia. Themes will allow full customization of your iPhone 3g.



Users who do not have a jailbroken iPhone 3g are limited to very basic customization options.

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