How To Customize An iPod Touch

Not sure how to customize an iPod touch and it's driving you insane? Learning how to customize an iPod Touch is simple. So relax and don't stress out, you can easily learn to customize an iPod touch.

To customize an iPod touch you will need:

  • iTunes account
  • iTunes gift card/Credit Card
  • Money/ Credit Card
  1. The first step to customizing your iPod touch is to head over to your nearest electronic store or look online for some iPod cases. After all how can you have an unique iPod touch when your iPod looks like every other iPod touch? The price for an iPod case can range from $10 to over $50 for a fancy leather case. If that sounds too expensive you can put stickers on the back  of your iPod to make it look more unique.

  2. The second and final step to customizing your iPod touch is once you get home hook up your iPod touch to your computer. Now open up iTunes and go to the app (application) store. From there look for apps that you like and install them onto your iPod touch. This is where you have to have an iTunes account and an iTunes gift card or credit/debit card. After you have downloaded and installed all your selected apps, put some music onto your iPod touch. After all how custom can your iPod touch be if everything on your iPod is stock?

Congratulations you now know how to customize your iPod touch. Just remember, you will need the iTunes account to download additional apps and the iTunes gift card credit/debit card if you need to buy any additional apps.



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