How To Customize Nike Shox Metal Baseball Cleats

Did you ever wonder how to customize Nike Shox metal baseball cleats? This article will show you how to create your very own personalized pair of Nike Shox Metal cleats. Be prepared to dig into your pockets. These cleats retail for $120.00 dollars, but you will be the only guy on the diamond with these kicks!

  1. Go online to the Nike Store. To build your Nike Shox metal baseball cleats, go to the Nike Store online web page. Click the 'customize' button on the left hand side.
  2. Navigate to the custom Nike Shox Metal Baseball Cleats. Using the drop down from the 'customize' button, click on 'custom shoes.' Move your arrow over to 'brands' and click on Nike Shox. Select the Nike Shox MVP ID baseball cleats.
  3. Design your Nike Shox metal baseball cleat. Click on the 'start blank'  next to the giant cleat. This will allow you start building your cleats from scratch. The website will take you through twelve steps to customize your own Nike Shox metal baseball cleats.
  4. Begin by choosing the Nike Shox midsole. Your first customized selection will be a mid sole. Choose the Nike Shox selection.
  5. Choose other items to customize your Nike Shox metal baseball cleats. Other features you will be able to customize are plate selection, color options, choice of materials, and the option of picking the famous Nike swish or to personalize with a name or number on the outside, the inside and the heel.
  6. Choose "metal" for an outside option for your customized Nike Shox metal baseball cleats. Nike has a plastic or metal outside option. To own Nike Shox metal baseball cleats, click on the metal selection.
  7. Pick your size. Next, pick the correct shoe size for your customized Nike Shox meal baseball cleats.
  8. Pay for your Nike Shox metal baseball cleats. Follow the steps to the checkout and purchase your customized cleats.



The website works very slow, but it will give you a visual picture of what your cleats will look like when you are building it. 

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