How To Customize Your PS3

There are a variety of things that you can try in order to figure out how to customize your PS3. You can customize your PS3 settings or even change the wallpaper to give your console a more custom feel. Since there are tons of people all over the world who have a PS3 the best thing you can do is to try and change little details about your PS3 that will make it different than everyone else's. To do that here are a few steps that will teach you how to customize your PS3.

To customize your PS3, you will need:

  • PS3
  1. Power on your PS3 and go to settings in the main menu. Use your controller to go down to where it says "display" and select it using the "X' button on your controller. Click where it says "video output settings" and this will let you to choose your own customized connection type. This will allow you to have the best viewing experience based on your TV and PS3.
  2. Proceed to where it says "game options" in the "settings" menu and use the "X" button on your controller to edit the options. You can use this feature to change things such as the picture display and customize the graphics of your PS3 to your liking.
  3. Customize your PS3 wallpaper or background. You can further customize your PS3 by using your own photos as background images. Use the web browser to pick an image you like from the internet or you can use the memory stick from your digital camera to upload images onto your console. Select the image you want to use and press the "triangle" button on your controller. Go to "view" then press the "triangle" button again and click "set as wallpaper". This will now customize your PS3 and set that image as your background/wallpaper.

Once you have completely customized your PS3 you will no longer have to deal with having the same identical console as tons of other people.

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