How To Cut Bangs

Learning how to cut bangs is something you may have noticed you need to learn how to do. Bangs are often associated with looks worn by younger children. As of lately, the style has been worn by many women of different ages. Like other sections of your hair, you need to trim your bangs on a regular basis. If bangs are left uncut, they often make it hard for the person to see or they just become incredibly annoying. All you need to do is follow these simple steps to cut your bangs.

To cut bangs, you will need:

  • Professional haircutting scissors
  • Fine toothed comb
  1. Use your fine toothed comb to comb your bangs neatly in front of your face. Use a mirror to see what length you would like your bangs to be. Above the eyebrows is usually a good length. This keeps your bangs out of your eyes, but still maintains that stylish look.
  2. Use one hand to grab all of your bangs and twist them. Twist your hair until you can only see the ends. Grab your scissors with your other hand and cut your bangs to the desired length you decided on when looking in the mirror.
  3. Release your bangs and use your comb to comb your bangs in front of your face again. If any hairs seem off, use your scissors to trim and cut them at a slight angle. Put conditioner on them, separate the hairs and flatten all of the hairs that may be loose.

Cutting your bangs should not be seen as a huge steps since your hair will grow back. This regular trim helps to keep them looking fresh and clean.

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