How To Cut A Beer Bottle

Used beer bottles, once cleaned, can be recycled and turned into usable sturdy glassware simply by learning how to cut a beer bottle. Cutting beer bottles is a relatively simple project which, except for a bottle cutter, can be done with materials you already have at home.

  1. Place the cutting tool at the appropriate height on the bottle, making sure it is at least below the shoulder (or the part before the bottle narrows) of the bottle. Using a continuous motion, carefully score a line around the entire perimeter of the bottle. Stop once you have reached the spot where you began cutting.
  2. Put the bottle into a large bowl, and place a small, sturdy funnel into the mouth. At this point, be careful not to apply to much force to the neck of the bottle or it can break, ruining the entire project. Place two cups of boiling water and one cup of cold water into a large, heat-proof measuring cup, and mix thoroughly. Pour the water carefully into the funnel, still positioned in the beer bottle.
  3. Put on sturdy leather or work gloves, and hold the bottle firmly in one hand. Using the free hand, run an ice cube around the scored portion of the bottle without stopping. Be careful not to take any breaks at this point, as slowing or stopping the motion of the ice could result in a crack in the bottle. When done correctly, the bottle will separate evenly along the scored line, and you will be able to easily lift the top portion off of the bottle.
  4. Even when done correctly, the cut edge of the bottle will be sharp. Place a piece of coarse sandpaper on a flat surface, and position the cut edge of the sandpaper directly on top of it. Rub the cut edge of the bottle back and forth over the sandpaper. Flip the bottle over, and continue smoothing the cut edge of the bottle with a finer grit sandpaper. Continue sanding the bottle until it is perfectly smooth.
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