How To Cut BMX Handle Bars Down

There are two main ways to learn how to cut BMX Handle Bars down. BMX handle bars may be cut down via a hacksaw or with the use of a pipe cutter. Both methods work well for cutting BMX handle bars down to a desired size, but one method may be suitable over the other due to the tools available, cost and time available. Make sure you wear the appropriate safety material and do not attempt to use tools you are not familiar with.

Pipe Cutter Method. This method takes a lot of time, but offers a more precise cut when cutting bmx handle bars.

  1. Prior to making any cuts, mark both ends of the bmx handle bars at the point where the need cutting. Make sure you cut the same amount off each end or they will end up uneven.
  2. Attach the pipe cutter to the handle bars via tightening the large screw at the bottom.
  3. Keep tightening until the bars are between the roller mechanism in the pipe cutter and the blade.
  4. Turn the pipe cutter in a circular motion around the bars continuously.
  5. Tighten the pipe cutter gradually as you tighten. Eventually, the pipe cutter should get through the BMX handle bars and produce a smooth cut.

Hacksaw Method. The hacksaw method for cutting bmx handle bars down is much quicker and cheaper, but produces a few jagged edges. Additionally, getting a straight cut through the handle bars is sometimes hit or miss.

  1. Use a hose clap as a guide to get a better cut. Using a new hacksaw blade on the hacksaw, start cutting the bmx handle bars down slowly at first.
  2. Find a comfortable groove and start sawing as fast as possible until all of the desired extra length has been cut away.
  3. File down the ends if jagged edges were left behind.
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