How To Cut A Composite Hockey Stick

If you have a composite hockey stick that is too long and are wondering how to cut a composite hockey stick, then rest assured. It is a doable task. Cutting down a composite hockey stick is easy enough. But before you cut your composite hockey stick make sure it needs it. The hockey stick head should rest somewhere between your chin and nose (which skates on). If you are there then there is no need to cut your composite hockey stick. If not then you will need to cut your composite hockey stick. This is necessary sometimes because matching height can be a problem at times. So, if a composite hockey stick is not available in your size, cutting it may be your only answer. Keep in mind that every inch you cut adds flex to the stick. This could become substantial if you have to cut too much off the composite hockey stick.

What you will need to make this happen:

  • Composite hockey stick
  • Fine tooth saw (like a hacksaw)
  • Sandpaper
  • Water
  • Cloth
  • Safety goggles
  • Hockey tape
  • Sharpie
  1. Start by measuring the composite hockey stick, with skates on, to the correct length. Mark the composite hockey stick with a sharpie at the cut point. Place one layer of hockey tape just beneath the mark, all the way around the composite hockey stick.
  2. Place the composite hockey stick down. Secure it with a vice (place a towel around the composite hockey stick), mitre box or by some other safe means. Put on your safety goggles.
  3. Place the blade of your saw on the mark, just above the hockey tape and begin. With short even stokes cut through the composite hockey stick. Once all the way through clean off with water and a cloth.
  4. Use the sandpaper to clean the cut location. Sanding in one direction with clean even strokes, once the area is smooth, clean again with water and dry with the towel. Remove the tape you placed on earlier.
  5. About two inches below the end of the stick begin to tape. Tape all the way up and over the cut sight. The end of the composite hockey stick should be covered in its entirety by the hockey tape.
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