How To Cut Fiberglass Boat

The first thing to remember when you learn how to cut fiberglass boat parts or fiberglass boats is to keep it as simple as possible. Like any other task, this one can be done with the next step in mind. Doing this makes things flow smoother. To cut fiberglass boat parts or boats, you will need the material listed below.

  • Die grinder with diamond cut blade
  • Safety glasses
  • Dust mask
  • Grease pencil
  • Chalk line
  1. Decide what area you want to cut off or out of. Examine the area to be cut. Mark the exact area with a grease pencil.
  2. Find the easiest area to work with. As you examine the specifics of the cut you want to make, consider what you're going to do after the cut. Is this piece to be removed permanently or is it something that needs repaired? What you're doing after you make the cut makes a big difference in how you start and finish the job.
  3. Use the grease pencil to create a cut line. As you do this, pay attention to particular parts. Are there any radii? If there a way to avoid them? Would it make the end of the task any more difficult. If you are repairing the piece, it's best to avoid radii. If you are cutting it off then it may not make a difference to you.
  4. Draw a permanent line. When you have decided on the exact cut, wipe off the original grease pencil. Draw out your exact cut line, using the chalk line to mark straight lines.
  5. Be safe. When you cut a fiberglass boat, you'll be submerged in a powdery glass as the grinder literally grinds the fiberglass material. Wear safety glasses and a dust mask (at minimum) to protect your eyes and breathing areas.
  6. Cut the fiberglass. Cut the fiberglass with the die grinder. This will give you a nice smooth groove. Hold the die grinder at a slight angle to comfort. Holding it straight on may cause it to buck.
  7. Finish the area off. If you plan to attach anything to either piece with fiberglass, be sure to bevel the edges with the die grinder. This makes it much easier for the next piece of fiberglass to bond with it.
  8. The best way to clean up from this is with cool air. Warm air opens may open your pores and allow the fiberglass to be pushed in them. Blow off completely with gently compressed air, then take a cool shower.
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