How To Cut Limes For Cocktails

Making that drink look as great as it tastes is easy once you know how to cut limes for cocktails. While whacking away at that little green bit of citrus with a cleaver will get the job done, it won’t get it done very well. Knowing how to cut a lime properly for cocktails will make get the most out of juice in them easier as well.

For cutting cocktail limes, you’ll need:

  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting board
  1. Wash the limes under cool running water. Just scrub lightly with your hands to loosen any debris
  2. Pressing the lime to your cutting board with your palm, roll the lime back and forth applying steady pressure to the exterior of the fruit. Kneading the lime slightly like this will help to break down any tightness and ensure you get the most out of your lime pieces.
  3. Use a sharp knife to cut off the ends of the lime. Just cut until you see the flesh of the lime. This will give all your slices a uniform appearance and help stabilize the lime for the next cut.
  4. Stand the lime upright on one of the cut ends and cut down the center of the lime lengthwise. This will give you two halves of lime to work with.
  5. Place one half of the lime flat side down on the cutting board. Cut even slices, about half an inch wide from the lime half. Feel free to make thicker, or thinner, slices as you prefer. Limes cut into wedges like this are perfect to give the person drinking freedom to squeeze lime as they see fit.
  6. Cut through the flesh, or pulp, of each half moon lime slice without cutting through the rind. A small cut through the lime will allow it to rest easily on the edge of a cocktail glass.
  7. Repeat the procedure with the other half of the lime for more wedges. You can also cut very thin half moon slices that can rest on the cocktail for decoration.

Whole lime slices, or wheels, are also sometimes used for decoration on cocktails. 

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