How to Cut Men’s Fingernails

We often talk about how to cut women's fingernails, but not how to cut men's fingernails. Men don't like to let their nails grow too long. It is important for men to cut their nails correctly so that their nails can stay healthy. Since your nails are living, they are also susceptible to infections.

You will need these items to cut men's fingernails:

  • Hand soap
  • Water
  • Nail clippers for men
  • Nail file
  • Hand moisturizer

Follow these steps to cut men's fingernails:

  1. Wash your hands with hand soap and water before you begin to cut them. This will wash away any germs that are present on your skin before you start cutting. Nails that have been in water are also a little softer. This makes them easier to cut.
  2. Get out a pair of nail clippers that were designed for men. These clippers are larger than women's clippers for a better cut. Men need larger nail clippers because their hands and fingers are bigger. Bigger fingers means bigger nails.
  3. Clip the nails straight across. It doesn't matter if you start from the right and work your way to the left, or if you start on the left and work your way to the right.
  4. File the nails moving your nail file in one direction. Going back and forth will split the nail. Make sure you get any sharp edges filed down.
  5. Rub a hand moisturizer over your hands and in to your nails. Men need moisturizer even more than women because their hands are a little more rough.


Cut men's fingernails short. How short will be up to your specific taste. You certainly don't want the nail hanging over the flesh of your finger. This is the opposite of women, who pride themselves on nice long nails.


If you are uncomfortable cutting your own nails, you can always go to the salon and get a manicure. Salon's also work with men's fingernails.


Brown Skin: Nail Care for Men

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