How To Cut Skinny Jeans Into Shorts For Guys

Avoid looking like you have chicken legs by learning how to cut skinny jeans into shorts for guys. Cutting skinny jeans into shorts for guys can be trickier than cutting a looser fitting pair of jeans, since the finished product won't look good if you get the length wrong. Always cut the skinny jeans on the long side first, then fold the hem up to see how the shorts look at different lengths.

To cut skinny jeans into shorts for guys, you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric pen, tailor's chalk or a regular washable marker
  • Hand sewing needle and matching thread.
  1. Measure the distance from your waist or hip to just below your knees. Measure that length on the legs of the skinny jeans and mark it with the pen, chalk or marker.
  2. Place the jeans on a flat surface and stab one point of the scissors through the top layer of fabric. Carefully cut the bottom part of the legs off the skinny jeans.
  3. Pull the new skinny jeans shorts for guys on. Look at yourself in the mirror. Are the shorts too long? If they are, try cuffing the hems an inch or two to see how that looks. If you like the cuffed look, leave them like that. Secure the cuffs in place by making a few stitches on the sides of the legs.
  4. Mark where you want the shorts to hit if you want to make them shorter. Take the skinny jeans shorts off and trim the hems further with the scissors. Try the skinny jeans shorts for guys on again to make sure you got the length right. Keep adjusting the length until the shorts are just right.  Remember, don't cut the skinny jeans too far above the knee. Short-shorts are not flattering on guys and short, tight fitting shorts are definitely unflattering on guys.
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