How To Cut Off Sleeves

Whether you’re working out at the gym or getting ready for summer, one household trick that every dude needs to know is how to cut off sleeves on their shirts. Come on now guys, you know you love to sport those biceps to onlooking ladies or jealous competitors in a testosterone match. Cut off sleeves make it much easier to take them all to the “gun show,” and save a few bucks on your summer wardrobe that can be better spent on beer!

There are 3 basic styles and ways for guys to cut off sleeves on a shirt that tell the girls just what type of personality, and physique, you have;

  1. Half sleeves – The half sleeve style leaves a couple inches of triangular sleeve from the armpit to the shoulder, hence resembling a visor on a cap. Take your scissors from the seam in the center of the armpit area and cut off sleeves in a diagonal direction to about inch or more from the shoulder seam. This tells chicks, “Hey, I workout, I’m hot, but I’m modest.”
  2. No sleeves – A bit more cocky, but still pretty hot if you can back it up. When you cut off sleeves completely the message women get is, “Get a load of these babies – I work hard for ‘em and I’m damn proud!” If you think you got what it takes to pull off no sleeves, use scissors to cut a straight line parallel to the seam, from the armpit to the shoulder to cut off sleeves completely.
  3. Douche bag sleeves – The cast of Jersey Shore comes to mind when describing this style (and we use the term “style” loosely) to cut off sleeves. Unless you are a Richard Simmons worshipper, a member of the “Stayin Alive II” fan club, or on your way to a Chippendale’s audition, you may not want to tell chicks, “Look at me! I’m a douche bag!” – But hey, to each his own. Cut off sleeves and then slice your way down the side seams and stop cutting 2 or 3 inches before you reach the waist area of the shirt. If you have a beer belly or man boobs, please, don’t try this at home.

There you go guys, 3 ways to cut off sleeves for 3 types of guys. Which one are you?

Note: If you opt for number 3, you probably wear Speedos too, don’t ya?

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