How To Cut Your Own Bangs

Save some money and learn how to cut your own bangs. There are a variety of ways to cut bangs that you can take general directions and tweak them to fit the look you are after. Just trimming your hair in between trips to the salon is a good skill to learn. You get to personalize your look and not have more taken off than you would have liked. That, and you are more in control of your look.

What you need to cut your own bangs:

  • Scissors
  • Comb
  • Cutting razor
  1. A starting point. Cutting bangs on guys is not the same as cutting bangs on a lady. You do still want to start at a certain point around your bangs. It depends on what you want your bangs to look like compared with the rest of your hair. If your bangs are longer and you want to keep them long, cut them along the very ends, following your bangs. Only cut about a half an inch at a time.
  2. Cutting at an angle. If you want your bangs long but not quite as long, take your scissors at a downward angle and make little snips in your bangs. This makes your bangs shorter but does not give you a blunt cut.
  3. Matching up the pieces. As you move across the area where your bangs are, you'll keep matching them with the same piece of hair you started with. Be sure your bangs matches in length. You can also use trimmers that have a 1/2-inch blade or shorter to trim your bangs and your hair.

Guys don't necessarily cut bangs separately. A haircut for guys is usually an all around short cut that is either on the longer or shorter side all around the head. It's all in the way a guy prefers to have his bangs cut. Some of these tips are more geared for a guy who has longer hair in the front and shorter hair in back. Whatever way you have your hair, hopefully these suggestions will help you to give yourself a great trim.

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