How To Dance In A Club For Women

Learning how to dance in a club for women, and not for your own amusement, may be challenging when you begin trying. It's a challenge because you are setting out to impress someone with your moves. A major shift in how you perceive the quality your dancing may occur if you set out to do this without a little advice. Escape the sensation of feeling like an insecure rookie. Learn how to dance in a club for women. It is a simple process. Give yourself time to master the art.

  1. Cultivate your sense of rhythm. You have to have some rhythm to dance for women in a club. Tap your feet or fingertips to a wide variety of songs before you hit the dance floor. Encourage your body's response to every beat that enters your ears.
  2. Practice dancing in front of a mirror. Look at yourself as you dance. Enjoy how your hips and shoulders move. Imagine someone enjoying watching you dance in a club.
  3. Watch how others dance for women. Identify the people dancing for women in a nightclub by looking at who they make eye contact with. Eye contact is a key aspect of an effective dance for women in a club.
  4. Begin engaging women with your eyes. Start out by just looking at women in the eyes as you dance naturally. You don't have to start busting moves they may enjoy right out of the starting gate. Eye contact begins the process of dancing to please a women. 
  5. Pull out the stops and dance for women. Hold nothing back. Shake or bounce you rear in front of them. Be uninhibited. You'll learn what works, eventually.
  6. Find out if your dancing make women feel attracted to you. Say something flattering to a woman and check her response. Touch a woman's shoulder and see if she moves closer. If one or more women warm up to you, your nightclub dance was successful. If your responses are unfavorable, don't give up. Keep trying. Practice makes perfect.
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