How To Dance Like Frank Sinatra

Want to know how to dance like Frank SInatra? Frank Sinatra dazzled Hollywood for years with some of the most creative dance moves doing that time. From his early years to the Rat Pack revue, he truly was a class act. Let's take a look at how to dance like Frank Sinatra.

  1. Understand the man. On all accounts, Frank Sinatra was, and still is, described as "the coolest of men." Though most of his routines were not complex, he always maintained an air of arrogance, cool, and sophistication all wrapped into one.
  2. Music. In order to correctly dance like Frank Sinatra, one needs to understand the type of music that he danced to. Sinatra was famous for singing slow love songs that appealed to teenage girls and women alike. Thus, his form of dancing was slow, sensual, and sexy. Imagine holding a microphone and slowly drifting from side to side to the lyrics. This is how Frank Sinatra danced.
  3. Sing. Most of Frank Sinatra's acts including singing and dancing. So grab a microphone, start singing some tunes, snapping your fingers while moving to the lyrics. Remember to impersonate his stage presence and mannerisms.
  4. Go on. Once you have learned to dance like Frank Sinatra, you might want to start including small skits that enhance your dance moves. Frank Sinatra was notorious for improvising dance moves on stage and doing certain performances.
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