How To Dance Like Napoleon Dynamite

Why would you want to learn how to dance like Napoleon Dynamite? Napoleon dynamite was a complex combination of misguided narcissism, nerdiness and rebel outcast. This maladjusted character was one of the funniest anti heroes to hit the silver screen in a long time. He only solidified his goofy status with his solo dance performance. Though he looked incredibly ridiculous performing his routine, Napoleon Dynamite was surprisingly incredibly rhythmic. Though there are plenty of better dancers you could learn to imitate, there's no one funnier than Napoleon Dynamite. If your minds made up, lets learn how to dance like Napoleon Dynamite.

  1. Research. If you really want to dance like Napoleon Dynamite, your first step is to watch him in action. Every "great" dancer borrows elements of the great dancers before them. Watch him. Who does he borrow from?
  2. Michael Jackson. Napoleon Dynamite certainly draws a lot of his dancing inspiration from the "King of Pop". Though his performance makes Napoleon look like the "King of Not" it's easy to see that he borrows a lot of Michael Jackson's arm and leg movements throughout his performance.
  3. Brian Boitano. It looks as if Napoleon Dynamite throws a few ice skating maneuvers  into his dance routine. He performs a few spins and a couple of lunge like movements similar to an ice skater. Study some ice skating moves and you will be one step closer to dancing like Napoleon Dynamite.
  4. John Travolta. The last guy Napoleon Dynamite borrows from is John Travolta. We don't mean "Pulp Fiction" Travolta. No, no we mean old school "Staying Alive" John Travolta. Back when he was wearing the form fitting "Saturday Night Fever", Tony Manero white zoot suit joint. Take it to the disco and top off your Napoleon Dynamite moves.
  5. The geek element. Dancing like Napoleon Dynamite is more than just knowing the moves. You have to throw some geek in there—a lot of geek actually. Despite the fact that he moved very well as he performed, there was still this sense of overwhelming awkwardness. Like when the teacher asks you to do a problem on the board but you don't want to because you have a boner from checking out the hot girl in front of you. Come on. you know this has happened to you before. Channel that feeling into your performance.
  6. The Uggs. Michael Jackson had his moonwalker shoes. Brian Boitano has his iceskates. John Travolta had his clubbing kicks. Napoleon Dynamite had on a pair of Uggs. He would not have been able to pull his moves off without them. If you want to dance like Napoleon Dynamite you have to throw on those completely ugly, completely useless boots.
  7. Put them together. Ok you've got all the elements you need to dance like Napoleon Dynamite. All you have to do now is practice. Now get out there and follow your dream. Get out there and dance like Napoleon Dynamite.
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