How To Dance Like Ne-Yo

Dance fever is sweeping the nation so it’s no surprise that people want to learn how to dance like Ne-Yo. R&B recording artist Ne-Yo is a triple threat; he sings, dances, and acts. Ne-Yo’s dance style is so well loved because of his smooth, easy flowing dance technique. Learn how to dance like Ne-Yo and you will be on a path to dancing success.

  1. Learn how to pop and lock. Ne Yo’s style involves a lot of popping and locking. What sets Ne-Yo apart is that his style is very smooth so it doesn’t look much like popping at all. Learn the basics of popping and locking and once you’ve mastered it you can smooth it out.
  2. Study his style. You will only be able to dance like Ne-Yo if you know how he dances. Sounds simple right? Well it takes more than just seeing him occasionally dancing. Watch Ne Yo’s music videos and pay close attention to his movements and the way his body flows in and out of each move.  Some great videos that truly showcase his dance style are: "Because of You", "Sexy Love", "Miss Independent" and—of course—"Closer". Watch these videos and then re-watch them.
  3. Take it step by step. Ne-Yo did not become the dancer he is overnight so it is pretty ambitious to think that you will. As with anything, this will take a steady process. Choose a specific move and practice it 24/7. Continue to practice this one move until you have mastered it.
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice! The only way to even come close to Ne-Yo’s dancing abilities is to practice often. How much practice is enough? Well, that honestly all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Someone entering a dance competition needs more practice than someone just learning for fun. Let’s say two hours per day for five days a week and one hour per day for three days a week respectively.
  5. Make it your own. Creativity is so important so be sure to add your own artistic flair to what you learn. There is nothing wrong with dancing like Ne- Yo, but there is also nothing wrong with dancing like you, with some of Ne- Yo’s characteristics.
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