How To Dance Like Patrick Swayze

The only way to learn how to dance like Patrick Swayze, is to do everything he did. The late, great, Patrick Swayze had all the moves, and charmed all the ladies with them. That is probably why you want to learn how to dance like Patrick Swayze. Well, good luck.

  1. Have a parent who is a choreographer. Patrick Swayze's mother, Patsy Swayze, owned her own dance school. She also did choreographing for a few movies, including "Urban Cowboy", "Hope Floats", and "One Last Dance". It's obvious that since Swayze's mother was a dancer, that he'd end up a student in her school, right? Right. This would be the beginning to Swayze's dancing career. If you don't have a parent who owns a dance school, find one that does. Ask them to adopt you, or at least, ask them to teach you a few things.
  2. Go to dance school. It takes more than a mother to be a great dancer. If you want to learn how to dance like Patrick Swayze, you're going to have to practice and learn like he did. Swayze attended two dance schools in NYC. They were the Harkness Ballet School, and the Joffrey Ballet School. Yes, ballet. Chances are, you won't be able to get into these schools with meager talent, but you could take on a few classes in a small studio. Pull on those tights, straighten your package, and learn to pirouette.
  3. Be Prince Charming. Patrick Swayze's first dancing gig was as Prince Charming in Disney parades. He danced with Cinderella. We all start somewhere, and if you want to know how to dance like Patrick Swayze, then so do you. He went to top NYC dance schools and only got a gig as Prince Charming, so don't expect much with your first gig. As long as you get a dance partner, a pretty ballerina, then it will be worth it.
  4. Practice in the water to learn lifts. Now that you have a dance partner, you need to practice dancing together. It's a must for learning how to dance like Patrick Swayze. A great place to practice, as taught by Swayze, is in the water. The water makes you seem less heavy, and that will make the girl easier to lift in the air. Also, when you drop her, she won't fall flat on her face into the ground. Instead, she'll land safely in the water. An added bonus is that you'll be wet together.

After all of this hard work learning how to dance like Patrick Swayze, you should easily be able to snag that rich girl that her daddy doesn't think you're good enough to be with.


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