How To Dance At A Rave Party

Learn how to dance at a rave party so that you can have the best experience possible and impress others with your movements and skills. Great rave dancers work hard during the most intense parts of the rave and take it easy during the lulls. You should know when you should be dancing like a maniac and when you should be taking it easy and recovering for the next intense dance session.

  1. Practice making energy balls with your hands to dance at a rave party. This is a very common dance that people love to watch and join in on. You need to rotate and gyrate your hands around an imaginary ball of energy. The better you do this, the cooler your dancing will look. Once you are done showing off your skills, pass the energy ball to someone else and let them dance for a while.
  2. A great dance at a rave party is break dancing. Most break dancers have been practicing for years and have honed their skills to a level that you may not be able to match. However, if you build your upper and lower body strength, and especially your core strength, you will be able to do many of the break dancing moves that you see. Break dancing is one of the most impressive forms of dance you can do at a rave party.
  3. Try sliding and gliding at a rave party. Made famous by Michael Jackson, moves like the moon walk and other slides and glides will make you look majestic on the dance floor. People will be in awe as you seamlessly move around with what seems like no effort at all.
  4. Choppy movements that make it look as though time is altered is another rave party favorite. If you move and control your body well enough, it will look almost as if you have slowed down time and are moving in slow motion. Peoples' jaws will drop if you use this dance at a rave party.
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