How To Dance With Your Girlfriend

Every man needs to know how to dance with his girlfriend. It doesn't matter whether this is done at a public event or just at home with just the two of you. If you know how to dance with your girlfriend, you hold one of the keys to romance and intimacy.

  1. Find some music. You want to find something that sets the mood for dancing with your girlfriend. Usually, slow love songs or ballads are perfect for this kind of thing. If you are at home and have the chance to choose the music, pick something that you both like.
  2. Ask her to dance. One of the most romantic things you can do when it comes to how to dance with your girlfriend is the way you ask for a dance. If she is sitting somewhere across the room or right beside you, stand up and hold your hand out towards her. Ask her if she would like to dance.
  3. Take her to an open area close to the music. If you are in a public setting like and event or party, the last thing you want to do is bump into other people while you are trying to dance with your girlfriend. If you two are home alone together, anywhere will do.
  4. Gently take her hand. When you are facing her, you want to place one of your hands up to hold one of hers. It should be out away from your body, but close enough that your elbow is still bent, which should be a little lower than your shoulder.
  5. Wrap your other arm around her. Take your other arm and wrap it around her, placing your hand on either her hip or the small of her back. While you dance with your girlfriend, you can use this hand to pull her closer to you. Her other hand will go up by your shoulder or she might just wrap her hand around the back of your neck.
  6. Relax. You don't have to come up with any complicated dance moves to dance with your girlfriend. Just sway slightly to the music. If you want, you can try to gently turn her as the music plays so you are dancing in a circle.
  7. Changing positions. As you dance with your girlfriend, you can let go of her hand and place both of your hands around her. She can then put both of her arms around your neck. You can leave space in between the two of you or you can pull her closer and closer until there is no room between you two.

Knowing how to dance with your girlfriend can give you an edge when it comes to romance and being close to her.  

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