How Dangerous is Rock Climbing?

Many people are interested in rock climbing, but just how dangerous is rock climbing? Rock climbing is a great indoor and outdoor activity that possess a certain amount of risk no matter where the setting is. Indoor rock climbing is generally considered to be the safer version of rock climbing, but both forms can be equally as dangerous. It really depends just how dangerous is rock climbing depending on the climbers experience level.

How Dangerous is Rock Climbing? To answer the question, how dangerous is rock climbing, really depends on the person climbing. Despite if a person is climbing indoors or outdoors, the risk of rock climbing increases if the person doesn’t have their undivided attention on the task at hand. If a person becomes distracted, they often become careless and make simple mistakes. This greatly increases the chances of something going wrong and an accident occurring.

The skill level of the climber can determine just how dangerous is rock climbing. A climber with less experience is more likely to make mistakes and suffer from an accident. A climber with more experience is likely to know how to handle complications that may arise when climbing, lowering the risk of an accident.

A climber's safety equipment also determines just how dangerous is rock climbing as well. If a climber doesn’t have the proper equipment or low quality of climbing equipment, their risks of suffering from a injury or complication increases. It’s best to only use proper and good quality gear when rock climbing to reduce the dangers of rock climbing. Spending money on expensive climbing equipment may seem like a waste of money, but it is money well-spent. Spending money on quality equipment assures that you will be safe on your climb.


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