How To DarkHammer

OK all you B-boys out there, today we're learning how to Darkhammer. Breakdancing is a dancing art form where newer moves are built upon the understanding and mastering of the predecessor maneuvers. The Darkhammer is the perfect example. The Darkhammer can only be learned if you've taken the proper steps. By the proper steps we mean that you need to learn how to do Turtles. Once you've learned Turtles then you can move on to the Handglide then Crickets. After learning how to pull off  Crickets the next move on the stairway to the Darkhammer is the Jackhammer. After Jackhammers are mastered, you're ready for the Darkhammer. If you feel comfortable doing it, here's how to Darkhammer.

  1. What's a Darkhammer? The Darkhammer is a combination of all the coolest parts of its predecessors with an added acrobatic element. The Darkhammer takes the form and positioning of the Turtle. The spinning maneuver of the Handglide and hopping ability of the Cricket are utilized similar to the Jackhammer. But here's the difference. The Darkhammer adds the extra acrobatic element of switching hands back and forth during the hopping motion. Needless to say, you'll need a lot of practice. And, make sure you stretch very well.
  2. Balancing act. Get into your Turtle position by bringing your elbows together and pressing them into your waist and hips area. Don't go any higher than your belly button for balance purposes. Make sure your hands are spread and facing slightly outward and forward for balance. Pull your legs close to your torso similar to a frog. Lean forward and put your weight on your spread hands and wrists. To warm up, take yourself through the motions of the Handglide, Cricket and finally the Jackhammer. After you've spent a decent amount of time warming up, we can move on to the Darkhammer.
  3. The illusion. The Darkhammer creates the illusion of the dancer hopping from hand to hand in a circular motion. The truth of the matter is, you're going to be shifting your weight from one side to the other while slightly moving your arms in a triangular formation. As you improve, you'll be able to speed up how fast you move. When you get fast enough, the forward motion will lift you from one arm to the other. But first you have to crawl before you walk.
  4. Shifting your weight. There's no easy way to learn how to do this. You'll probably fall a few times until you get used to the movements. While you swing your weight to one side, you need to move your off hand forward and lean forward. As your weight shifts towards the hand you just moved, you need to be moving the opposite hand to it's new position. The trick is to keep moving in a rhythm. Once you slow down, that's it. Once your balance improves you'll be able to vary your speeds. But until then, your best bet is to keep moving in that triangular formation.
  5. Practice. As usual, you need to practice getting in and out of the Darkhammer as smoothly and quickly as possible. You need to be able to transition from one move to the next for your routine to look good. If you're fumbling through the Darkhammer, then you're not ready to incorporate it into your performance. Get back to the drawing board.
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