How To Date Born Again Christian Singles

So you want to know how to date born again Christian Single women. They are not hard to meet but there are simply guidelines in order to meet them. With these few simple tips you too can meet a born again Christian single. 

  1. Be kind and friendly. Kindness goes a long way, especially when meeting a born again Christian single. Be nice, kind and have an overall friendly attitude and you will be able to attract the right women.
  2. Your love of God is key, a Christian woman wants a Christian man. Show her you love the lord and his teachings. Also, know your bible and it helps if you attend church. This will be a great tool in attracting born again Christian singles. 
  3. Be attentive and caring. When you pay attention it will go a long way. A woman wants a man who will be caring and attentive to her needs so make sure you are that rock your born again Christian single will need. 
  4. Have fun and laugh. Humor goes a long way in any relationship. God wants us to enjoy life and have fun so learn to smile, laugh and have a good time. A Christian single woman will love this and laugh with you!
  5. Be career oriented and have goals. Having a good work ethic shows you have goals and are hard working. In order to meet the right Christian woman she needs to know she will be taken care of even if she is working also.
  6. Be hygienic and dress well. No one likes a man who is sloppy and doesn’t dress well. Brush your teeth, comb your hair and dress nice. It shows your confident and Christian women will take notice.
  7. Keep up with current events is important. It shows you know about the world and what is going on. Living in a bubble is never attractive and staying up to date with current events gives you something to talk about. The Christian single woman you want to date will love you for it. 
  8. Don’t bother with pick-up lines.  A Christian single woman will not be wooed this way. Just say hello, be nice and leave the lines at home.
  9. Be nice. It is amazing how simply yet complicated this concept can be. Just be nice, kind, treat your friends and family well. When meeting Born Again Christian singles this is a key to any good God fearing relationship. 
  10. Be honest and don’t lie. No one likes someone who paints themselves into something they are not. Lying is a sure fire way to lose a good Christian woman, so just be honest.
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