How To Date A Broken Hearted Woman

Learning how to date a broken hearted woman can actually be to the advantage of most men. Once a woman has a broken heart, it is hard for her to trust another man.  She is afraid of being hurt again. Most broken hearted women go through as stage where they think all men are evil. Normally, if a woman has a broken heart, it was usually the guy who wanted out of the relationship. She may have been a good catch, but just not for him. So, as they say, one man's trash is another man’s treasure. There are a few  steps to take when dating a woman with a broken heart.

Items needed to date the broken hearted woman:

  • Charm
  • Patience
  • Flowers
  • Communication
  1. Send her flowers. Most women love flowers. Flowers have a lot of meaning behind them. To women, receiving flowers means "I’m thinking of you, and you are very special to me." It also means he does not mind spending money.
  2. Call and allow her to communicate with you. She needs a friend. She may want to talk about her last relationship, and what went wrong. Open up the lines of communication to her. She will be trying to figure out if you are like her ex. Allow her to come to her own conclusion about you. Do not try to force yourself upon her during the conversation, simply answer her questions. At the end of her venting about her last relationship, let her know that all men are different.
  3. Turn on the charm. Now is the time to be charming during conversation and dates. Do the things you know will please her and make her happy. Take her to her favorite restaurant, and treat her like she is the most special person in your life, because that is what she will be looking for next, someone that she feels comfortable around. You may even have to start off as just being friends first.
  4. Be patient. She will warm up to you. If you keep treating her the right way, she will see your good intentions and come around to you. She really doesn’t think all men are bad, but it may take her a little while to realize it. So, do your part and help her come to the realization a lot quicker.
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