How To Date A Co-Worker

Although working in close quarters can make it tempting to want to learn how to date a co-worker, mixing your love life and professional life can present challenges. Not only can starting to date a co-worker distract you from your job, it can create an uncomfortable environment for everyone involved if you and your partner split up. If you do decide to go ahead and date a co-worker, make every effort to keep your personal relationship from becoming a workplace issue.

  1. Make sure your co-worker wants to date you. Before you ask a co-worker out on a date, make sure that she is interested in you. If she isn’t responsive to your advances, let it go. Pushing the issue may result in sexual harassment accusations.
  2. Research your company’s policy on workplace dating. Once you’ve decided to date a co-worker, ask your human resources department if they have a policy on workplace romances. Some companies require you to disclose your relationship to prevent conflicts of interest.
  3. Keep your work and your love life separate. When you date a co-worker, it can be tempting to spend work time socializing with your significant other. Keep this behavior to a minimum and focus on your professional life while you’re at work.
  4. Leave the relationship drama at home. If you choose to date a co-worker, make sure that your lover’s quarrels and domestic problems stay out of the office. Airing your relationship drama at work can make your other co-workers feel uncomfortable and create a negative work environment for both you and your partner.

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