How to Date a Cop

Having a lot of patience and understanding is the first step in learning how to date a cop. The job is tough and can be emotionally and physically draining. It is necessary to be able to handle everything that comes with your partner and his career choice. Being aware of how to handle dating someone with this occupation can help to develop a more fulfilling and happy relationship.

  1. Don’t expect plans to be set in stone. When you date a cop, you need to get used to the fact that he may have to work a lot of overtime. He may also get called into work last minute or miss special occasions. Its part of the job and even on his days off, he still may have to go in to work.
  2. Develop excellent listening skills. Some cops do not feel comfortable expressing their emotions or discussing the job. If he opens up to you, be there to listen to everything he has to say. It could be very difficult to be able to talk about certain topics, so he needs to feel as though you are there to listen whenever he needs it.
  3. Get a tougher skin. You may hear stories that are going to be difficult to listen to, but danger is a part of his job. You are going to be worried when you date a cop, but dwelling on that is not going to change anything that is going to happen on duty. He needs to know that you support him and he needs to be able to do his job correctly, not worry about you because you are hysterical worrying about him.
  4. Avoid asking a lot of questions. When you date a cop, he may want to know that you are interested in hearing about his job, but he may not want you to bombard him with questions about it. If he wants to talk about the job with you, he will as long as he feels you will want to hear about it.
  5. Don’t take advantage. Just because he is a cop, that does not mean that he is your free ride out of parking tickets or other situations. You should not ask, or expect, your significant other to do anything that could get him into trouble, no matter how minute you think it may be.

In order to date a cop, as with every person, it is important that you know when to give him his space and when not to. If you believe him to be worth being in a relationship with, understand that his career will usually have to come first and there are many times where you will come second. If he is with you, he wants you and his career, but it is all about helping him create a balance so he can enjoy both at the same time.

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