How to Date Emo Girls

If you enjoy living on the darker side of life, you might be interested in learning how to date emo girls. Emo girls are known for their distinct fashion and dark eye shadow. If you want to date emo girls, you'll have to first know what they like.

  1. Be fashionable. Take note of how the boyfriends of emo girls are dressing and try to adopt that fashion sense and hair style. Style is very important to emo girls and if you look lame, they are not going to date you.
  2. Compliment them. Since emo girls are into style so much, they appreciate it when you take notice of their fashion statements. When you date emo girls, you should always find something to compliment them about. Whether its a new hairstyle or a new piece of jewelry, compliment the choice and she will appreciate you for it.
  3. Rock and Roll. If you're not up to date on alternative and emo music, you will not be able to date emo girls. Learn about popular alternative bands, both national and local, to impress an emo girl. Find a band she loves and take her to a concert. You can score major points that way.
  4. Be sensitive. If you can't share your darkest and deepest secrets, you are unlikely to be able to date emo girls. Talk openly about your feelings and have honest conversations. This is an important aspect of the emo relationship.

Remember, find a good hairdresser, give lots of compliments, be up on your music and open up your emotions. You will be dating emo girls in no time.

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