How to Date Her Behind Your Parents’ Back

You may need to learn how to date her behind your parents' back if you have a girlfriend that doesn't exactly fit your parents' idea of who you should be with, what else can you do? If you're committed to the relationship between you and your girlfriend, you will need to date her secretly. It is necessary if you are going to keep yourself and your parents happy at the same time. You may need some pointers on how to keep the relationship behind your parents' back, especially if you live with or near your parents.

  1. If you're going to date behind your parents' back, do not give your girlfriend your home number if she doesn't live with you. If your parents ever visit, or if you live with them it could be disastrous. If your girlfriend is unable to reach you on your cell phone, she will eventually try to reach you on the home phone. When she calls the home number, it is possible that one of your parents could answer the phone. Even if your girlfriend hangs up, your parents will become suspicious.
  2. Do not have your girlfriend over the same day as your parents, even if there is time between the visits. If either your parents or your girlfriend show up early, you'll be forced into a very awkward moment that could even lead to a stare session between your parents and your girlfriend. Not to mention the argument with your mother later on about how you could dare date behind your parents' back.
  3. Do not tell your girlfriend that you have to date her secretly because your parents don't approve. Chances are she'll take offense and probably wonder if you are ashamed of her or embarrassed, or she may even think that you don't think she's good enough to date you. Instead, tell her that you just are not ready to share your relationship with your parents. Tell her that you are not very open with them about your sex life. She will understand that a lot better.

Keeping the relationship behind you parents' back is a way to keep them at bay for the time being. You should consider it only a temporary fix, as you will need to make plans to either tell them about your relationship before you end up at the altar, or end the relationship eventually.

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