How to Date With Herpes

Contracting an STD like herpes can be a devastating experience in addition to the agony of learning how to date with herpes. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease in which pus-filled lesions riddle the genital area or mouth, thus resulting in pain and embarrassment. Nonetheless, while this experience can be somewhat complex to remedy, there are several ways in which people with this condition can learn to comfortably date with herpes.

  1. First, inform your partner of your condition. Do not hide your condition from the person that you are attempting to date. It is important to inform them of your condition so that they are fully aware of the situation. No one likes to be fooled or intentionally mislead, therefore it is important to inform them so that they may have an option on wether or not to continue further into a relationship. This is the first step in learning to date with herpes.
  2. Next, educate your prospective mate. Many of the reasons why diseases go undiagnosed or exploited is because of lack of education on the disease. It is important to let partners know that, while herpes can be contagious, it is not contagious all the time like many myths speculate. Educate them on how herpes is spread and what the disease consist of including symptoms and treatment options Then you can  date with herpes with a clean conscience.
  3. Inform them of the risks. With all diseases and interactions with others, the risks may be overwhelming or may not be as severe. Inform them of the possibility of contracting the disease and the amount of risk that will be involved in kissing or sexual activities. This is only fair if you want to date with herpes.
  4. Next, opt to take your potential partner to herpes outreach programs, groups, or communities in which herpes is openly discussed. This will allow your partner to grasp the concept of living with herpes or the process that it takes to date with herpes. Moreover, these programs will also give additional education on prevention and treatment for those who may engage in sexual activities with people who have contracted herpes.

Although this process will allow a better dating experience, it is important to always keep communication open with your partner or potential mate in addition to remaining safe by utilizing protection. This will ensure that your partner will not become infected.

Dating With Herpes

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