How To Date Hot Women

When considering how to date hot women remember, the hotter the woman is the more likely she is to want to be seen. But that's a positive, because let’s face it, you will want to show her off. Follow the tips below and you will be well on your way to knowing how to date hot women.

  1. Meet hot women at the pool. A public swimming pool is a great place to see and be seen by the opposite sex. Most women go to the pool to swim but there are a few who grace the swim area with the purpose of showing off a bikini-ready body and maybe even landing a new man.
  2. Plan dates in the public eye. When you are with a beautiful woman, why not show her off? Plan fun adventurous dates at places like amusement parks and fairs, and plan those quiet romantic dates at popular restaurants, beaches and places where you can take long walks together. You'll be spending quality time together, and you can show her off.
  3. Maintain the relationship. When dating hot women, remember they are still women. Maintain your relationship by being attentive to her needs and desires as well as your own. Women do not want to start dating a man only to later find that he is not who he seemed or that you are only dating her for the status it brings. Be yourself from the start and do your best to maintain the initial flirtatiousness and attentiveness. You don't want to lose your hot date, do you?
  4. Do not act jealous. When a woman is on your arm chances are you think she’s hot, and chances are you are not alone in that opinion. Refrain from playing the role of the jealous boyfriend. Face the fact that other men will look at this beautiful hot woman. But don't let it upset you! As long as looking is all they are doing, this can be a tremendous confidence boost to both you and your hot woman!
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