How To Date A Married Woman

Are you wondering how to date a married woman? Trust us, you’re not the first guy to wonder, and most certainly won’t be the last to do so either. Let’s face it, sometimes the woman you fall in love (or lust) with happens to have a ring on her finger. But, as many of us know, the legal ties of marriage often will not stop some ladies from pursuing some lovin’ on the side. There are a lot of emotionally and sexually neglected married ladies out there willing to cheat on their men, so why not take advantage of the opportunity while it’s on the table? While there’s no set-in-stone process of wooing a married woman, we can offer a little advice when it comes to pursuing one.

  1. Availability is not universal. Know this up front, right away, before you even consider looking in the general direction of a woman, not every single married woman is willing to cheat. Believe it or not, some people do have happy marriages and are not looking for a side dish, so unless a woman shows interest in you, do not pursue her if she’s got a wedding ring.
  2. Morality. How do you feel about effectively stealing someone else’s legal partner and possibly destroying a marriage? If this is something that may keep you up at night, you probably shouldn’t bother trying to date a married woman and instead seek companionship elsewhere. But if you’re reading this article, this likely isn’t much of a concern for you. Don’t worry, we won’t judge either way. We ask you to consider this just for your own sake.
  3. Be a ninja. Well, in some senses. You cannot flaunt your relationship to the world when you’re getting it on with a married chick because someone will see the two of you and report back to her husband. It’s advised that you have a rendezvous point and, from there, commence activity in secret.
  4. Expect little. You shouldn’t anticipate a meaningful relationship from a woman who is prepared to cheat on her husband. Odds are good that if you do get with her in an effort to secure a ‘happily ever after’ sort of future, you will get your heart broken right along with her husband. If you both really, truly love one another, wait until after she and her partner are divorced. If you’re still into her (pun not intended) and she still carries a torch for you, then by all means, chase that skirt.
  5. Don’t get attached. How often do people get told this? Really, don’t get too emotionally involved with the married woman you’re banging. If you sit and hope that she’ll come to you if you just wait for her, you’re setting yourself up for heartbreak. Married women are good for affairs and one-night stands and little more in terms of physical relationships outside their marriages. If you’re looking for some no-strings-attached "nookie," then this kind of arrangement may prove to be just what you’re looking for.
  6. Watch out. While wives are usually capable of making big girl choices, if you want to date a married woman, we can’t say we fully advocate it. The reason for this is because you have no idea what kind of a crazy her husband is and if he’d find you and beat the ever-loving crap out of you or his wife. Since, obviously, you forced his wife to cheat with you. Isn’t that weird how when a married woman cheats, her husband usually goes after the other man and not his wife? Anyway, just know what risks you’re taking by pursuing someone who’s married because you may incur the wrath of their disgruntled spouse.
  7. Swingers. Your absolute best bet as far as dating a married person of any gender is to search for people who have a mutual, consensual agreement to share their partners. There are swingers everywhere. Check out dating sites for people local to you who will share their wives with you. This is by far the safest way to date a married woman.
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