How To Date Mature Hot Women

Looking for how to date mature, hot women? Do you want to catch a cougar? It isn't as hard as it seems. There are women all over the US looking for a young stud. If you want to land and keep a mature hottie, then follow these simple steps.

  1. Find the mature, hot woman. When looking for mature, hot women, check the hot spots. You want a mature woman. This means skip the clubs and bars. You are not going to find a sophisticated beauty in bar. Try a classy bistro or nice restaurant instead. You may be able to check a cougar having cocktails with her friends. Another option is to meet the woman in a coffee shop or bookstore. The virtual world also opens many doors for dating. You can meet women on social networking sites or even dating sites.
  2. Once you find the mature, hot woman, approach her. Women of any age love confidence. Approach the woman with a confident attitude. Pay her a compliment. A compliment is always a great conversation starter. Keep the conversation going and ask for her number.
  3. After getting her number, ask her out. Talk on the phone a few times before going on a date. You want the woman to feel comfortable with you. If she doesn't seem to be into text messaging, use the phone instead.
  4. Treat her with respect. Always be respectful. Avoid playing games. Mature women don't have time for games, especially the hot ones. Once you land a mature, hot woman, do your best to keep her. Return phone calls. Be sure to keep the romance alive. Pay her compliments often. Every woman wants to feel beautiful.
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