How To Date Single Women Over 40

Men who want to know how to date single women over 40 need to understand that, if not handled right, it can be a sticky situation.  Single women over 40 know that time is infinitely more valuable.   They are less willing to put up anyone who wastes their time.  They also have to put up with men who assume that because they are of a certain age, they will settle for any male company that looks their way.  Some men don’t think it’s necessary be articulate or interesting, just be a warm body.  While there are desperate single women over 40, this is typically not the truth. 

We assume that you are willing to treat a single woman over 40 with the same respect you would a younger female, which is why you clicked on this article.  Most intelligent men understand the advantages of dating a single woman over 40.  To them, we smartly salute you.  If you, too, want to know how to get on board the cougar train, you need a good plan of attack on how to meet a single woman over 40, then how to keep her.

  1. Understand your intentions.  If you simply want to just “hook up,” the possibilities are endless.  There are hundreds of dating sites on the Internet that showcase single women over 40 who only want casual sex.  Additionally, your local classified ads sport a vast array of single women over 40 who can show you a good time.  However, be aware that they may not be at the very least, single, may indeed be “working girls,” or worse, not even be women.  Do your due diligence and be thorough when scoping them out.
  2. Know where to go.  If you want something more than just a “wham bam, thank you ma’am,” try the grocery store.  Yes, you’ve heard it before, but it really works!  Additionally, you get to see what your potential dating partner looks like in their natural habitat, without their glam.  There are single dances all the time, as well as museums, art and craft shows and church minglers.
  3. Make your approach.  Once you’ve spied someone who looks interesting, catch her eye, then make your way to her with confidence.  Remember, a single female over 40 has heard your lines, experienced your tricks and knows the moves.  Just be natural, sincere and earnest in your attempt to get to know her.  If your good intentions shine through, she won’t be able to resist.  You’ll be dating a single woman over 40 before you can say, “menopause.”
  4. Know when they’re ready.  If you want to continue to date single women over 40, don’t be the “grabber” guy.  He’s the guy who assumes older women are always in a perpetual state of seething readiness.  The grabber does not feel that he needs an invitation for sex; he just jumps.  It’s tacky, stupid and ultimately embarrassing for both.  Don’t be that guy; ease into it.  She’s a strong, confident woman; she’ll let you know.
  5. Show pride in your date.  A single woman over 40 may have more dating experience than you have, but life has had a longer chance to beat them down.  They may still be holding on to certain insecurities regarding their younger counterparts of the same gender.  When you date a single woman over 40, try to lessen their anxiety by complimenting their hairstyle, makeup or outfit.  Make her feel she is the most beautiful woman on the planet.  A woman who feels beautiful, is the most amazing bedmate you will ever know.  Believe this.
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