How To Date A Stripper

Have you ever wondered how to date a stripper? A person’s job can influence how to date them and exotic dancing is no exception. In fact such a job can change your dating strategy completely. Someone’s job can help define their personality, which gives you insight on how to approach a romantic relationship with them. Above all though remember, it’s the person you are dating and not their job.

Things you will need to date a stripper:

  • A stripper you are interested in
  • Creativity
  • Good communication skills
  • An open mind
  • A non-jealous attitude
  1. Meet a stripper you wish to date. Exotic dancing is just a job and because of this you can meet strippers just like you can meet someone of any profession. My suggestion is not to meet a stripper who you wish to date at work. Many do not agree. If you do meet a stripper while they are on the job at a club, do not pay attention to the other dancers. Show your sincerity at the beginning that you want to date them. Step 2 would also be extra hard and might take you longer.
  2. Establish that you want to date and not be a client. You should be up front about your intentions. Many strippers prefer not to mix business with pleasure. This on the other hand does depend on the personal preferences of the stripper you wish to date. Communication here is key. Found out early on what their dating rules are.
  3. Call them by their real name. Many strippers have stage names. Using there real name will help show you are interested in them and not their job.
  4. Get creative. Strippers are used to being taken to nice places, having money thrown at them and expensive gifts. Make your attempts of romance unlike this. Instead of fancy dinners, try making them dinner. Another idea is a nice picnic. Whatever kind of dates you decided, try keeping them low key and keep their interest in mind. Instead of expensive gifts, try ones that show you understand them as a person.
  5. Don’t get jealous. Once you’ve started to establish a relationship, don’t undo your hard work by getting jealous. Strippers get a lot of attention and if you wish to date one you need to keep this in mind. If you both agree that it’s okay for you to visit them at work, don’t miss use this opportunity by getting in the way of them doing their job. Also so strippers at very popular clubs will occasionally get recognized. This can be a possibility when you are together.
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