How To Date A Woman

Every man needs to know how to date a woman. While different dating situations and different women are different, there are certain fundamentals that always need to be taken into consideration. As the relationship progresses, you can find out what her individual likes and dislikes are and change your approach.

  1. Always be a gentleman. That entails always coming across in a respectful manner. Hold the door open for her, pull out her chair at the restaurant, and allow her to order first. Most women are looking for chivalry and want to be treated this way.
  2. Always pay for the date. This may seem a little old fashioned and if the relationship continues, things like this may change. However, at the beginning, it is important to take care of the bill. It isn't just about the money, it is about being the kind of guy that is taking care of things and making her feel important.
  3. Speak kindly to her. When you are talking with her, be complementary. You don't have to overdo it and sound sappy, but you want her to know that you see her in a good light. When you are together, speak highly of her to other people as this also makes her feel special and gives you a glimpse into how you feel about her.
  4. Pursue her attention and affections. You want to be the one to make the first move. Again, as things change and you get to know each other better, the roles may reverse or you may share this type of responsibility. Call her to seek out another date and make plans. You make the first move physically (just don't forget about being respectful). Knowing how to date a woman properly can go a long way in a relationship.



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