How To Date Your Boss

Knowing how to date your boss can be a tricky situation; however, the temptation may be too much for some men to resist. Perhaps it is the sexy sway of the hips or the way she looks at you in the boardroom, dating your boss is attainable if you both follow certain rules accordingly. This does not signify you two are not allowed to have fun, it just suggests that perhaps the relationship be carefully evaluated before it is allowed to progress into something more serious.

  1. Keep open communication among other co-workers to a minimum. It is in only normal to want to talk about what is going on, even to boast to another man that you are dating the boss. However, this type of situation may backfire. Gossip may spread quickly and if you and the boss are trying to keep the relationship a secret, especially in the beginning, telling all to another co-worker is not a good idea. Whether you are at the gym, or having a few beers after work, “kissing and telling” is not a smart idea.
  2. Prevent unnecessary scenes at work with your boss. For instance, if you two disagree on something, whether it is minute in nature or of great importance, handle it privately. A boss demands respect from employees and that includes you as well. Disagreements between you and the boss at work may cause other employees to look at her with questioned authority. This is not a good thing. If you want to date the boss, then handle the situation in a mature manner at all times.
  3. Forget the idea that you come first at work. Although you may be dating your boss, she has an important job to do and this does not include showering you with attention. Be professional. Do your work and keep all other thoughts for after work hours. It may be tempting to send an intimate email or get a squeeze in as she walks past you in the employee lounge, however doing so may cause unwanted attention. Not to mention, acting on such indulgences may cost both of you your job. If you want to date your boss, treat her as your boss and nothing more, while at work.
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