How To Date Your Ex’s Best Friend

Wondering how to date your ex's best friend? Take into consider all the pros and cons of how the relationships will be effected. Your ex girlfriend and her friend were most likely friends before you come into the picture. Dating your ex's best friend could be a recipe for disaster. In this article, I will tell you how to date your ex's best friend, in hopes of giving you a start at something real.

  1. First and foremost be up front with both women. Let your ex know you are considering dating her best friend. Also, let the friend know that whatever relationship you had with your ex has no bearing on your relationship with her. Ask them both how they feel about the situation.
  2. Be sure to communicate to your ex's best friend that you will not base your relationship on what the two of you had shared. It is a separate issue, meaning, whatever problems you had before will not be bought into the new relationship.
  3. Do not to date same way you did your ex. Instead, take her to different restaurants, clubs, dances and movies, etc. This shows you are willing to try new things with her and not duplicate what you had with her friend.
  4. Talk to your new girlfriend and let her know you will not come between her and her best friend. Let her know that when the two of you are together, you will not put down her best friend and that you want her to show you the same respect.
  5. If your new girlfriend has questions as to why you and your ex broke up. Answer her with as much honesty as possible. You can bet money that your ex's best friend already knows the other side of the story and just wants to hear your side of it.

Honesty is always the best outcome when trying to date your ex's best friend. Keep that in mind and that disaster waiting to happen could blossom into a lasting relationship.

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