How To Deactivate Your Stolen Cell Phone

While you may not be in the mood to do anything other than yell if your cell phone gets stolen or lost, the very first thing you need to do is learn how to deactivate your stolen cell phone. While the phone is active the thief can quickly make expensive phone calls or purchases that will add hundreds or thousands of dollars to your next bill. While almost all cell phone carriers will protect you against these charges, if you take your time notifying them of a stolen cell phone, the carrier can change their mind. Once you have double-checked to make sure that the phone is truly lost or stolen, the next thing you need to do is to deactivate it. Keep in mind that you are still accruing monthly charges, even while your phone is deactivated, so get the phone replaced as soon as possible.

  1. Ensure the phone is stolen. Deactivating your phone can be a small hassle with some companies, so give the phone a call and see if you can hear it ring someone where in your house or if someone you know picks up.
  2. Log on to your online cell phone account. This will be found on the homepage for your wireless carrier. Look for an area where your services are listed, like AT&T's "My Services." There will be a list of your accounts and an option to suspend or activate the line. Click the suspend button. A comfirmation window will pop up and your phone will be deactivated. If you don't have an online account or if your carrier doesn't let you deactivate lines online, like Sprint, you will have to call the company.
  3. Call the customer service number for your cell phone provider. The phone number can be found on your carrier's website. You may have to be on hold since you will have to talk to a general customer service rep. Once you get a rep on the line, explain that your phone was lost and they will suspend the line.
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