How To Deal With A Basketball Ball Hog

If you have ever played with one, you should know how to deal with a basketball ball hog. Ball hogs rarely pass the ball, will take any shot and often leave their team standing around, bored and disinterested. Here are a few ways you can deal with a basketball ball hog:
  1. Don't pass them the ball. If a ball hog will simply shoot the ball every time you pass it to them, consider passing it to someone else. Ball hogs have trouble dominating the basketball if nobody gives it to them. There is little worse than knowing you won't touch the ball again in a possession after passing to a ball hog.
  2. Choose other players for your team. If you are involved in selecting teams, pick players who play a good style of team basketball. You may not always know the players you are choosing, but avoid picking a player known to be a ball hog.
  3. Refuse to play if a known ball hog is playing. Avoiding playing in a game should be a last resort, but if a ball hog makes the game unbearable, sit it out. Not playing may be better than being in the game and watching someone dominate the basketball at your expense.
  4. Try to switch teams.  If given the chance, switching teams may be beneficial. Being on the other team means you avoid playing with the ball hog, and defense is simpler against a team with one player attempting to play by themselves.
  5. Ask the player to include others in the game. Some ball hogs don't even realize they are dominating the basketball. Addressing your concerns directly with a ball hog, especially one with whom you are friendly, is often the best way to deal with the problem.



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