How To Deal With Being Single

If you’re the sort of person who is always in one relationship or another, you may not know how to deal with being single. It may even seem difficult and scary to you. Don’t worry, though; we’ve got some tips to get you through.

  1. Think of all the awesome things you can do now. You can stay up until three in the morning playing video games without anyone nagging you to turn the TV off and come to bed for snuggling. You can drink milk straight from the carton. You can eat leftover pizza for breakfast. You can even wear the same pair of underwear two days in a row if you want to. Being single means there is a world of opportunities now open to you.
  2. Have lots of casual sex. Being single means no commitment. There are some attractive women out there who enjoy being single and don’t want to be tied down (at least not figuratively). You just need to know where to look for them. One suggestion: any bar with a ladies’ night. Just make sure to bring a supply of Jimmy hats along with you.
  3. Drink yourself silly. If you are newly single, you’re probably in a lot of pain. Throughout history, men have had the same tried-and-true method for dealing with that pain: drinking themselves silly. Being single is hard if you’ve just gotten out of a long-term relationship, so no one will judge you for drowning your sorrow with a little of the hard stuff. Just don’t get too carried away, or you might end up drunk-dialing your ex and reminding her of just why she left you.
  4. Start dating again. Maybe the solitary life isn’t for you. Well in that case, the best way to deal with being single is to get right back in the game and start the search for a soulmate all over again. There’s got to be someone out there who’s the right fit for you, and you’re not going to find her by sitting on your couch and watching basic cable all day.
  5. Hang out with your guy friends. Perhaps while you were in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex, you neglected your platonic friends. It has been known to happen from time to time. Well now it’s time to reconnect with those friends. Call them up and see what they have going on. If they’re also living the single life, they’re probably just as bored as you are.
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