How to Deal Blackjack

Instead of hosting another poker party, why not learn how to deal Blackjack? The point of the game is to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. Face cards are worth ten, and aces can be played as a one or eleven. An ace paired with a card worth ten points is considered blackjack; the ultimate hand.    

To deal Blackjack you will need:

  • A Deck of Cards
  • Gaming Chips
  1. Shuffle the deck. Have a player cut the cards when you’re done.     
  2. Have players place their bets. Bets should stay in front of each individual player.  
  3. Deal each player one card. Begin with the person on your left and proceed to your right.
  4. Deal your up card. Place the card face up in clear view.   
  5. Give each player a second card. Start with the person on your left again.
  6. Deal the hole card. Give yourself a second card but keep this one out of sight. Lay it down and place your up card on top.
  7. Check the up card. If the up card is worth ten points proceed to Step 8. If the up card is an ace proceed to Step 9. All other hands proceed to Step 12.   
  8. Check for blackjack. Cover your cards with both hands and lift the corners to see your bottom card. If you have blackjack, the game is over.  Everyone loses unless they had another blackjack. In this case that player ties or pushes. They neither win nor lose. If you don’t have blackjack, keep the hole card hidden and proceed to Step 12. 
  9. Ask for insurance. Give players the option of insuring their hands against your possible blackjack. Insurance costs half of a player’s original bet.
  10. Check for blackjack. Check your hole card without letting any of the players see. If you don’t have blackjack, insurance bets lose. Take them and proceed to Step 12. If you do have blackjack, proceed to Step 11.
  11. Pay or Take Insurance Bets. If a player insured her bet, they neither lose nor win. She pushes or breaks even. The same is true for players that had blackjack but did not insure. Players that had blackjack and insured their hands win even money on their original bet and keep their insurance bet. The hand is now over.
  12. Offer hits. Go around the table from left to right and ask players if they want more cards. If after a hit a player’s hand totals more than 21, his hand is broken and he loses. Take his bet and cards immediately.
  13. Hit the dealer’s hand. Flip over your hole card and hit your hand. Keep taking cards until you reach 17 or break (You don’t have to take a card if your hand already equals 17 or more.). If your hand breaks, everyone that’s still in the game wins. If you don’t, players must be closer to 21 than you to win. If you and a player tie, it’s a push. No one wins or loses.
  14. Payout. This time go right to left. Pay winning hands and take losing bets before collecting all the cards. If a player has blackjack, she wins a bonus worth half of her original bet.


  • If a player thinks they can beat the dealer with only one hit, they can double their bet.  It’s called doubling down.  If a player wants to double down, have him double his bet and give him one hit card. He can’t hit again.
  • If a player’s original two cards are of the same value, they can split their hand into two. If a player wants to split her hand, have her put out a second bet of equal value. She can hit each hand until she’s satisfied or breaks.   


  • Decide before the game whether or not the dealer will hit soft 17 (six plus an ace). Different casinos use different rules on this one. It’s up to you and your crew to decide the house rules beforehand.   
  • Blackjack beats a hand totaling 21.
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