How To Deal With Chronic Testicular Pain

Wondering how to deal with chronic testicular pain? Many men have to deal with chronic testicular pain. Most pain is easy to identify and can go away on its own. Chronic pain however, can be long term without a known cause. This requires medical attention as soon as possible. Boys may have chronic testicular pain due to an atypical development in the scrotum and this can be corrected if diagnosed early.

Things You'll Need to Deal With Chronic Testicular Pain:

  • Comprehension of the testicular structure
  • Distinction of mild pain vs severe pain
  1. The testicles are very important in the reproductive system. They are smaller than golf balls when fully developed. The testicles are in the scrotum located beneath the penis. These testicles produce the sperm for reproduction. Men who are concerned in how to deal with chronic testicular pain benefit from knowing how much sperm and fluid are usually expelled from their own penis. If the amount changes drastically you may want to seek medical attention.
  2. A common cause of chronic testicular pain in men is trauma. When a foreign object hits or pinches the scrotum, pain is caused. Biking and other activities that creates a compressed organ, physiological conditions and infections can also cause trauma and you will have to deal with chronic testicular pain until the cause is removed.
  3. When the cause of chronic testicular pain is due to infection the only way to deal with this pain is to go to a doctor and get an antibiotic. Once the infection is reduced, the pain will be alleviated.
  4. Until you can see a doctor about the chronic testicular pain try to relieve the symptoms by resting. Laying down can help to reduce the pressure put on the scrotum area.
  5. Try mild pain relievers that can be purchased over the counter. A non-steroid anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen can help deal with chronic testicular pain temporarily.
  6. Wearing a jock strap may help deal with chronic testicular pain because they will support the testes but this is not advised if you do not know the source of the chronic testicular pain. Instead choose to rest, unless the doctor has specifically told you to wear the strap.
  7. Chronic testicular pain begins suddenly is severe and can be long lasting. If you have pain that is chronic, consult a doctor right away. Additionally, a sexually transmitted infection can also cause chronic testicular pain which also requires medical attention. The longer you wait about seeing a doctor the greater the chances of losing control and use of your penis due to chronic testicular pain.
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