How To Deal With A Controlling Girlfriend

If you're wondering how to deal with a controlling girlfriend, remember that you're not the only man to ever be in this situation. Many before you, and probably several after, will end up with a woman who wants to run the show. Are you gonna let her wear the pants?

  1. Talk to her. When dealing with a controlling girlfriend, have a heart to heart talk. Pick a non-stressful time and tell your girl the truth. Explain how you feel when she tries to control you. Even if you approach her from a neutral place, the talk can set off a fight if your girlfriend feels threatened. Stay calm, speak from your perspective and don't blame.
  2. Understand the problem. How to deal with a controlling girlfriend means understanding the underlying problem. People who feel out of control want to control everything around them. When your girlfriend controls you, she feels better. Because she doesn't feel empowered, controlling all that she can is a safety net. While your knowledge of her issues doesn't solve the problem, it can help to deal with her controlling ways.
  3. Lay down the law. If you want to try a stronger tactic when dealing with a controlling girlfriend, lay down the law. Tell her that you won't stand for a woman telling you what to do and when to do it. She might back down if she sees you rise to the occasion or this ultimatum may backfire. Remember that controlling people often don't realize how awful their behavior is and how they are perceived by others.
  4. Seek professional help. If you want to solve the problem of how to deal with a controlling girlfriend, seek professional help. If you and your girlfriend agree to undergo therapy, the issue may be resolved over time. If she isn't willing to seek professional help, you can go into counseling by yourself. This can help you heal and learn how to deal with a control freak.
  5. Break up. The last resort in dealing with a controlling girlfriend is to break up. Unfortunately, not all relationships work out, and that's why taking time to get to know someone is important. If you do break up, let her know that she has a significant problem, one you cannot live with it. Whether she chooses to work on herself or attempt to control her next boyfriend is now someone else's problem.
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