How To Deal With Difficult Coworkers

Figuring out how to deal with difficult coworkers can be hard if you don't learn to develop a thick skin and look at the situation differently. No matter where you work, there's always going to be at least one difficult coworker you'll have to deal with. Hell, you may even be that difficult coworker. Anyway, there are more than a few ways to deal with a difficult coworker depending on the type of worker he or she is. Once you figure out what makes this particular coworker tick, you can formulate a plan to deal with this difficult coworker. Transform your issues with handling a difficult coworker into a game. Here's how to handle a difficult coworker.

  1. Nature of the pest. In order to deal with a difficult coworker, you need to pinpoint what makes him or her so difficult. Is your coworker lazy? Are they a kiss-ass? What is it about the coworker that makes him or her so difficult? Once you figure this out, creating a plan to deal with this little annoyance will be easy. So, pay a little attention. You'll get the ammunition you need to gun your office enemy down in no time.
  2. A kiss-ass. Brown nosing coworkers are the easiest and most fun to deal with. You know exactly what drives them. They have this unwavering need to please their bosses constantly. They're like lap dogs with low self esteem. They need to be up under the boss constantly. They can't function without constant praise raining down from their direct higher up. Getting at a brown noser is simple. Outshine them. Simple as that. You want to deal with this type of ass kissing coworker, simply work better than them. But, do it without looking for the praise. Act as if doing the job is enough. Once the boss begins to give you praise, the kiss-ass won't be able to function. Check, and mate.
  3. The lazy one. Lazy coworkers can be a major pain in your personal sitting area. You have to let people like this hang themselves. The easiest way to do this is to work as hard as you usually do. Make sure you become a master at your particular duties. Don't let the fact that your coworker is lazy even get to you. Go about your daily functions unshaken. But… when departmental meeting time rolls around, tie the noose and watch a lazy coworker hang his or herself. Make sure you participate in the meetings. Make sure you show what you know. Now, simply ask an operational question that your lazy coworker should know. You know this coworker won't know the answer, and your boss is soon to find out as well. Strike…
  4. The goody two shoes. Every office has one of these plastic, psuedo-friendly office leaches. They pretend to be so straight and narrow. You know the types. The easiest way to handle someone like this is to ignore them. If, however, you want to take a more proactive approach, then check this out. The thing about fakers is that they have an almost gnawing want to gossip. They have to be involved in everything. All you have to do is catch them up in the middle of the drama they'll inevitably try to cause. If people know that the goody two shoes is the one tracking mud on their respective names, then goody two shoes will be ousted. The faker will fizzle out real quick.
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