How To Deal With Friends Of Your Girlfriend

Learning how to deal with friends of your girlfriend can be tricky business. Just because you love your girl doesn't mean you're going to hit it off with her best gal pals. Unfortunately, you won't be escaping them anytime soon. As long as you want your girlfriend in your life, her friends will be a part of your life too. You need to create a game plan to keep your relationship, and your own sanity, running glitch-free

  1. Be honest with your girlfriend. There is no need to be brutal, but she needs to know if some of her friends are not your favorite people. Make sure she understands that you still totally support her friendship with them, but maybe she shouldn't be going out of her way to plan double dates or social gatherings between you and her bud.
  2. Give the girls some space. Offer your girlfriend plenty of time hang out with her friends–without you. She can still keep her girls a large part of her life without making them a huge part of your life too. If you are seeing your girlfriend every day, she might feel like the only way to hang out with her friends is with you around.
  3. Let the small things go. If your girlfriend has one friend who always tries to start conflicts, you might want to start letting a few things slip by without comment. Remember, fighting is only worth it in relationships you care about. You don't really need to work out problems with your girlfriend's crazy friend. Let her think she's won. Just smile and nod. You might even get bonus points with your girl for being so cool and mature.
  4. Flattery covers a multitude of annoyances. So, your girlfriend's best friend can't stand you. Next time you find each other face-to-face, throw her off her guard with a compliment. A small "your hair looks really nice today" just might soften her up, at least for the afternoon.
  5. Treat your girlfriend well. The most important step you can take to win over your girlfriend's friends is to be a great boyfriend. Deep down, good friends just want their buddies to be happy. If they find that you consistently make your girlfriend smile, they will warm up to you quicker than you think. 


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