How To Deal With Hard Bowel Movements

Anyone who has ever had frequent bouts with constipation can tell you how important it is to know how to deal with hard bowel movements. Not knowing how to deal with hard bowel movements can lead to more than just discomfort. You don't want to have blood in your stool from letting hard bowel movements tear at you.

  1. Take a laxativeThe first thing anyone learning how to deal with hard bowel movements will need to do is get a hold of a common laxative. Taking a laxative will flush you out and is the first step to dealing with hard bowel movements.
  2. Follow up with stool sofetner. Stool softeners are a lot like the common laxative, only not as intense. One of the best ways to deal with hard bowel movements is getting yourself some Benefiber or Miralax and testing them out. Like laxatives, these can be found at a local pharmacies and even some grocery stores and supermarkets carry these products.
  3. Get more fiber. Changing up the diet a little bit and adding more fiber into the plan is the best way to deal with hard bowel movements in the long run. After the laxative clears you out initially and the stool softeners help you as you transition away from your hard bowel movements, a proper diet will make your bowel movements normal from there on.


  • Have time and a toilet set aside when you take the laxative, most go to work really quick and you cant afford to be away from the bathroom.
  • Follow the directions on the softener products, taking to much of this stuff is no different than forcing a laxative in your system every day, and you only want to deal with that once.
  • When it comes to the diet, getting every high fiber food you find seems like a good idea, but focus on reducing the intake of some foods that cause hard bowel movements: dairy products, rice, and bananas
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