How To Deal With Hitting A Nerve During A Tattoo

If you are planning on getting some body art, you will need to learn how to deal with hitting a nerve during a tattoo. Hitting a nerve during a tattoo can be extremely painful. Feeling like a blade is ripping your skin apart isn't abnormal during a tattoo, particularly when the needle is hitting a nerve ending. Each experience is different for everybody. There are pockets of randomly gathered nerve endings in our bodies. Its nearly impossible to predict where these nerve ending pockets are going to preside in your body. However, dealing with the pain of getting a nerve ending hit is something that most people have to conquer.

  1. Chew gum. Chewing gum can help the mind distract from the pain of hitting a nerve during a tattoo. If you can find any that is long lasting gum like Big Red, go for it!
  2. Bite down on anything. The term "grit your teeth and bare it" really comes into play when a nerve ending gets hit during a tattoo. Perhaps a leather belt or wooden spoon.
  3. Ice, Ice Baby. Chewing on ice cubes is an old school way of dealing with pain and staying hydrated. Plus, the temperature of the ice helps to distract from the scorching pain you may be feeling elsewhere.
  4. Remember to stay still. Whenever a nerve gets hit, let the tattoo artist know. This way, they will be prepared for your body to be in motion as a reaction to the pain. Otherwise, you may get an "oops" moment that can last forever.
  5. Remain calm. Practice breathing techniques. Sort of like a woman in labor, the pain mentality is still there. If you focus on your breathing and let oxygen flow more freely in your body, then you are more likely not to feel as much pain.
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